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Ok, a few new changes today.

Registered new version of forum software and implemented some minor changes to the board:

-Mouse-over forum color changes when you move the pointer over the front page of forums --- allowing you to click on ANY part of the forum line, not just the text anymore!

-Added new smilies (jodyand found them all) and avatars.

-Added graphical changes to seperate the forum boards and put spacing between each section to clear things up some more.

-Added Who's Online! icon down by the buddy list

-Changes all icons, buttons to chrome button style set

-Increased speed of backend database and optimized SQL processes etc.

-Added thread view count to main page (over 30,000k thread views!)

Well, enough for today.

Hope you like em all --- or some.

BTW, jodyand is now a Super Moderator (more delete, move, control features including temporary user banning etc - kinda like Op control on IRC) -- Congrats JODYAND and thanks!



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:cry: I'm so touched words cannot express my feelings:sick: :winky: :lmao:

Thanks everyone who made this possible :cry: What do you mean this isn't the Academy Awards:madatyou: now i feel like a :monkey: a$$.

Tractorguy i could use some help here I'm going :crazy:

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I like the post counter, every time I post and go back to main page the counter has jumped by at least 20-30 views! Andy this thing is really cookin'!!:D
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