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New 5000 Series

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WOW , The new 5000 Series Cub Cadet Tractors are beautiful, and that country song says " She thinks my tractors sexy" , Just wait till she sees this new tractor. Let me try to decribe it, long beautiful shiny beige hood on top of three engine options , 25 Kohler, 25 Liquid cooled Kawasaki or the 23 hp Liquid cooled Diahatsu Deisel engine. Three point hitch standard with 26x12x12 tires on the rear. Power steering and of course hydro lift. Rear yellow fenders that curve with the tires, hydro transmission. A 25hp Kohler with 60" deck for only $7499.95 You'll have to wait to see it. It should be on dealers floors this winter.
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Cub Cadet 5000 series

Is a Rear 540PTO avaliable for the 5000 series. Is the 3point Cat0 or Cat1 and is a loader avaliable for the Tractor
Cub cadet 5000

Answered my own question again. Talked to my JD dealer today who is also a Cub and White dealer. The Cub has a Limited Cat1 hitch and 540rpm rear pto. I guess MTD/Cub got a little worried the past years so they've got to compete with JD. And they even have to compete with the JD Lseries this year. Glad there keeping the 2500 series and 3000 series. Well JD also has some new models coming out according to my dealer.
Now with these new tractors, JD will be getting worried. A lot more tractor, the 5000 series, than JD will be giving and a price that's unreal. On the LT series, JD sold a lot of mowers and Cub wanted more of the business so they decided to give the customers a JD quality mower at a lower price. I'm refering to the new LT1000 series tractors. However they will have a PowerShaft drive tractor at your dealers for as low as $ 2399.00. I was told by Cub that this mower will not be sold at Lowes or Tractor Supply because they really only sell on price and don't have the time or enough knowledgeable a staft to try to sell a better mower. Now the dealers will have a several models to sell that the big store won't have that are great values. This will help bring customers back to good servicing dealers.
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with the New 5000 series

Will a loader and backhoe be avaliable for the 5000 series and is the 5000 series avaliable in both 2wd and 4wd. And what was the suggested price for a 4wd version. Also with the 5000 series besides the 3point being standard in the price will the mowing deck also be standard in the price of the tractor.
A loader and backhoe will be available as they had one on the stage and it looked great. There will be three models, 5252 (25hp Kohler two wheel drive), 5254 (25hp Kawasaki liquid-cooled four wheel drive) , and a 5234D ( 23hp B&S Daihatsu Diesel with four wheel drive).
List Price 5252 w/60" mower $8399.00 sale $7499.00
List Price 5254 $8999.00 sale $7999.00
List Price 5234D $9699.00 sale $8499.00
Only the two wheel drive model will include the 60" mower standard. A US company building a tractor of this caliber should be welcomed. All models are Hydro Drive with ROPS with Mid and Rear PTO's. Tire options are Turf only on two wheel drive and Turf or Ag on the four wheel drive with no difference in pricing.
loader and Backhoe

Was the loader and Backhoe made By Kwick-way or is Cub producing the loader and Backhoe themselfs. The reason I'm asking is because when I talked to Kwick-way about when the Backhoe was coming out for the X-series. They told me the reason they were behind was because they had been working on a Big contract for one of the Tractor companies for there Garden tractors and that the Backhoe for the X-series would be out in spring of 2004. I guess I'm wondering if Cub was that contract. Well I welcome this tractor. Now I just wish MTD would start working on White tractors again. I really have enjoyed using my GT2055. I wish they would put shaft driven White's back out with some of the featurers they have put on the Cubs. Was this show only showcasing Cubs or all of the MTD dealer lines like White ect.
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I don't know if Cub is building the loader or backhoe. The quality of the loader and backhoe looks superior to what I've seen come from Kwick-Way, as the steel is twice as thick. It may be, but it would certainly be to Cub's specs. I'll try to post pictures as soon as I can. The show featured Cub's, White's and Troy-Bilt. The White line has been postioned as an entry level product line and I doubt the brand being able to regain the level of products they had in the past. As all new Whites have the variable speed drive system except the GT2550 which has a hydro transmission. If you look closely the 1500 series Cub tractors were White tractors with heavier trans and Kawasaki engines. The fact that one manufacturer owns serveral brands leads to changes.
Loaders and Bachoes

Was the loader and Hoe driven off the tractors own Hydraulic pump or off a seperate PTO Pump. How may Hydraulic outlets does the 5000 series have and how many Hyraulic levers were the 1,2or 3. Does the same lever that lifts the mowing deck also lift the three point or are the seperate.
Sergeant, I can't answer any of those questions right now, as soon as I can I'll let you know.
Tractor show

To Bad all the Tractor companies don't participate in a tractor show. Like the Auto show, I hate waiting to see what the New Cub,JD and Simplicity models look like. And you have already gotten to see the New Cubs. I wish I were a Dealer sometimes but I don't know if I would want the headach.
Here's a picture of the new 5000 series from the show.:D


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Man that COOL:cool: good pic amicks nice going
5000 series

Well I like the look of that tractor. And again thanks for the pictures. Do you have any pictures of it without the loader and Backhoe.
Yep, here's my brother driving it.


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Here's a two wheel drive version that will sell for $7499.00 with a 25hp Kohler and a 60" shaft driven deck


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And another look.


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5000 series

Thanks for the other Pictures of the 5000 series amicks. The only thing I don't like about it is the Front grill. It just doesn't look right. I think they would look nice in the shed though right next to My X485. Boy if they made these 4 years ago. I might have bought one instead of my White GT2055.
Just wanted to bring this post back to the top so everyone can see.
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