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you say the solenoid has two wires, one will be the positive and the other is for earthing, only connect one wire to the tractor ignition switch in the run position, and the other to a good earth on the engine, now this earthing will depend on how good the trailer and tractor hitch is, but that is your call.

"Just gonna ..connected it with isolating it ...whats the worst that could happen ???"
what do you mean by that quote??, what are you connecting ??.
you will need a start button with positive connection and a connection for supply to the starter solenoid.
For the ignition switch for the tiller, a on/off toggle switch will do the job, but remember "when it is on --it will be off", in other words you will have to make sure that the switch when on will kill the engine and when off this will be open circuit and allow the engine to run, if you have a multimeter, this will enable you to check the circuit of the toggle switch and to wire this correctly.

I guess you will be good to go shortly ??.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts