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My Pigs (Soon to be Bacon)

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These are the pigs I'm raising for market. I've had them since June. They have a date with destiny on the 18th. I've named them, There is Hambone, Bacon, Pork Chop,Bacon Bits and Breakfast.


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what other animals (game or farm) do you guys like to chow down on?

Some of the ones I've tried:

Black Bear
Moose (the best of the bunch)
Wild Turkey (the game animal)
Wild Turkey (the bourbon)

Just about anything I will try, but most I won't eat after initially trying.
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I just can't bring myself to eat possum and racoon. I know my dad has eaten dog and cats when he was in Japan!

That's just wrong!
I just can't imagine cooking up Fido and Miss Kitty in a stir fry. To me that gets a little out there. As far as possum is concerned, that looks too close to a rat in my opinion.


Are you trying to post without me knowing??? I've been on here all day. Almost done for the day though, the wife and kids are home any minute and I will have to do my share to get the boys ready for bed.

Twins are a blast, but alot of work.
I see it all Jody. I'm sure you will be conspiring to figure out a way though!!
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