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My Pigs (Soon to be Bacon)

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These are the pigs I'm raising for market. I've had them since June. They have a date with destiny on the 18th. I've named them, There is Hambone, Bacon, Pork Chop,Bacon Bits and Breakfast.


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nice Argee. They are kind of cute though... i dont know if i could bring them to slaughter.... i guess id rather not see my meat brutally killed prior to my enjoying it...

Do you get a lot of meat from each pig? what do you think it cost' per pound to do it.. it may cost more but i am sure they are raised better than store bought ones..
man that pig roast makes me hungry....

so do the pigs you raise taste much better than store bought? can you tell the difference? ivew been toying with getting a pig or a half cow (already raised and butchered) sorry no mallets to the head or bullets to the animals for me.. i sure like eating them, just not to keen on killing them..
so if you did 5 pigs how much meat do you get? are you talking about 500lbs of pork?

what about the taste? is it better than store bought? can you tell the difference?
interesting process argee... so the inspector must be there whenenver any meat is dropped off?

Thats got to be an expensive addition to the meat processing...
you have to pay his fee or does the butcher? sounds nice to be able to pick out how you want your bacon and to know where your food is from....

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