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My late friends tractor

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This is my late friend John's tractor. He built it out of an old
garden tractor ( Gilson I think ) He used an old stationary engine
for power ( Witte I think ) and made it to look like a Rumley oil pull. He is the big guy in the picture and I am the little guy on the tractor. We were at a parade and he was giving me instructions
on driving it. It had a lot of power but very slow. At one point in the parade the marching band was going faster than I could. :D
PS..Last tractor picture today......I promise


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I Like it!

Very nice. I like the idea of using the old stationary!
Hi Jim
It was a hopper cooled and the steam from the hopper looked real neat. I was afraid of running out of water in the parade but I made it.
Hit and Miss

Is that one of them motors I've heard called a Hit and Miss it looks like it with them big flywheels.:cool:
Sorry to hear of your loss...

I am really sorry to hear of your friend's loss. At least you have some nice pictures to remember the moments and the tractor together. So did you get to keep the tractor after his departure?

Hi Jody
The motor looks just like a Hit and Miss but instead this one
has the governor controlling the throttle plate similiar to the motors of today.
Hi Andy
He passed away a few years ago. The tractor was sold before I knew about it. He was a great guy and helped lots of people. He stopped to help a stranger who was stuck in the snow. After getting him out he got back in his car and had a fatal
heart attack.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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