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Hello Eagle, welcome to the forum.

See attached parts diagrams for your MTD mower.
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My personal opinion (based upon my Kubota hydrostat drive) was that if you have a hydrostat, you don't have need for a drive clutch, just a clutch for the deck drive belt. My mower works that way. However, I guess some hydrostats do require a drive clutch. I found the following comments on the net:

"Every tractor style mower has a clutch in the drive system.
Remove the battery & deck then sit the mower on its bum.
Under the mower you should see the drive belt that goes through a pair of pulleys on one side.
These pulleys are on a lever with a spring that puts tension on the drive belt.
When you press the COMBINED CLUTCH & BRAKE PEDAL it should pull against the tension spring allowing the belt to slip.
Check the belt run .
check that debris is not stopping the COMBINED CLUTCH & BRAKE PEDAL for retracting fully."
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