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MTD/Huskee Lawn Tractor starting issue

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Problem started when I tried to use the tractor to pull a pretty big limb that was leaning against a tree down. Tractor took some pretty big jolts and there's a dent in the battery box/solenoid area where the strap was attached. Tractor was running when the limb came down. Then wouldn't start again.

When I turn the key, nothing happens, there's not even a click. Various YouTube videos suggest that probably meant it was either a fuse, a safety switch, or the solenoid.

  • I made sure the battery was charged before I started
  • replaced the fuse, which was missing entirely, maybe that got knocked out when we pulled the tree down? That didn't solve it.
  • got a replacement for the solenoid and installed it. That didn't work, in fact not even a click.
  • double checked the connections, cleaned the battery terminals and I think the safety switches (seat, PTO and brake are working)

When all that failed I tried "bumping" the starter by creating a direct connection from the battery with a jumper cable. That worked in the Fall (post tree incident), there were sparks at the starter and it ran. It did not work this time.

Re-connected the battery to the charger, but the charger thinks it's fully charged. Battery is a few years old, keep it stored in a bucket in the basement during the winter to prevent freezing and keep it off the concrete.
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If you have a meter, check the battery. If the battery tests good, check ignition switch using a 12 volt test light, and work your way to the starter using a test light. If key switch is good, check selenoid with test light. Next you'll .want to test at starter. The key switch should have one ground, one constant hot, one hot in start position only and others that are hot when ignition is on for accessories like lights. You may have also damaged a safety switch if there is one near the impact area. If switch is ok, the selenoid will have one wire that gets power from the ignition switch when it is turned to start. This wire activates the selenoid to allow power to the starter. The selenoid should also be grounded. Some ground through the base and others use a ground wire. If you have 2 cable terminals on top and 2 terminals near the base, you should have a ground wire, and a ignition wire. If you only have one terminal near the base, this is the ignition. As I previosly stated, also check any safety switches that may have been comprised. There is the nuetral switch, blade switch, and a seat switch. Not familiar with your machine so I cant pinpoint the locations of these safety switches, but a bad switch will cause the symptoms you describe.
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