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Modifying Ford 2n differential

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Hi. I am from Cuba and because of scarsese we have had to modify the Ford n series through years, mainly with old russian tech. So is pretty common seeing a 2n with Volga or Sector engine, bus or truck gearbox and all sort of innovations, in order to keep the tractors working.
That said I want to know if possible modify somehow the differential side gear( we call them satellite) to make it longer and hence give it a better 'bite' to the axe. Is possible to adapt another diferential that matches this or at least modify the side gear this way?
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Hello kanonhian, welcome to the tractor forum.

Is your problem due to a lack of traction? Transmission gearing problem? For better traction you can add fluid in the rear tires, and wheel weights. You can also add a second rear wheel/tire (dual rear wheels/tires).
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Thanks for the answer. I will ask about it.
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