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Hi, I have been selected as the moderator for the Ford - New Holland board. I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Randy Goddard, hence the name "Argee". I'm 53 years old, married for 34 years, have 2 grown children. My wife and I live on 20 acres in northern Michigan with our two dogs Charlie and Alice. We raise pigs, cows, a large garden and some row crops for feed. I work as a Associate at the local Home Depot in Gaylord. I'm also a licensed builder and hold a journeymans card in material handling equipment mechanics.

I own a FNH1715 4WD w/FEL and 3PH, a tandem 16" disk, 4' flail mower, 2-bottom 14" moldboard plow and a posthole digger.

I also own a Craftsman GT5000 w/ 48" mower, 46" snowblower and a sleeve hitch. I have a several sleeve hitch attachments which I seldom use now that I have the 1715.

The one common thread that brings me and others to this forum, is the love of tractors and things mechanical.

I look forward to hearing from other FNH or NH owners and future owners on what type of tractor they have or would like to have, what type of attachments they have and how they use it.

I'm sure we can put together a brain trust to make this a pleasureful and useful sight to visit.
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