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MF20 alternator

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My MF20 (w/ 3-cylinder gas)
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has a Delco-Remy alternator with 13-4 casting.
In the years I've owned the tractor, I don't know if the alternator has ever worked and have gotten away with keeping the battery on a tender when not using it, but have decided to bite the bullet and fix it properly.
I'm not sure if this is the style alternator needed, and what's a good source for a replacement.
Can anyone confirm?
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I attached a PDF with some information.

*** Edit
I forgot the PDF with regulator and testing information.
Now attached.
The 4 PDF:s can be downloaded from here:

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My first thought is that because it has not been used, something is wrong and it is easier to replace it. It uses an external mechanical relay type regulator and this, apart from the alternator, can give problems. It is better to replace it with a more modern type of alternator that has an internal solid-state regulator.

On second thoughts, this is a high quality original Delco-Remy, no Huang Long Don clone. If you take it (together with the regulator) to a shop for testing, advices and cost estimates, maybe it is not that much money to pay to get it working. There is most likely a solid-state external regulator for it. A modern replacement will probably involve a rebuild of the mount.


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Found an interesting page:
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