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I have a 1972 Massey Ferguson 165 Diesel. It has live PTO. Non multi-power. No differential lock pedal. I bought this a few months ago. It has a MF54 backhoe and a MF34 loader. It does not have an auxiliary control valve.

With the motor running or stopped, I can spin the PTO by hand both directions with or without the clutch engaged. With the motor running I can put the PTO shift lever in neutral, engine speed or ground speed and nothing happens. I can move the draft control lever back and forth nothing happens. I can move the inner quadrant control lever back and forth and nothing happens. basically the PTO does not spin and the 3 point hitch does nothing. The backhoe works fine and so does the loader but I think they run off of a different hydraulic pump mounted on the front.

I have purchased the service manual and the operators manual for the MF165 but they have not arrived yet. Can anyone tell me what might be wrong?

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