Ok usable and running TO35. Bought it a little over 3 years ago and then my hip started acting up. I am all but worthless for walking and waiting for a new hip to be offered. I find that the TO-35 is to large for me to deal with and as I have smaller garden tractor, I can let this go and maybe get a compact tractor for the bigger projects.
I would appreciate visits to check her out and will be a conversant about it as I can.
ID plate missing so I could not identify year of this tractor. I suspect half the sheet metal is not original. Tires are only fair but have served me well for pull dead shrubs and moving round bales.
It has the 23C engine and needs a new heater in the water line. Which means it is a bear to start.
Manual steering, but does well.
I cannot move so well so maint has been just what I can manage. I did replace the old glow plugs with newer style Land Rover series ones which are about 6 times cheaper. It is 12 volt neg ground. Not sure if that is original or modified from ^ volt. It does have an aftermarket electric fuel pump indicating the mechanical is out maybe. Just do not know. RPM/hour cable is broken so I do not know real hours or if those showing are actual or not for this tractor. I just needed a working tractor when I got it, but am paring down live stock and only have two cows left, horses have been sold.
Ask any questions and I will do my best.