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I would appreciate any advice. I do know that this issue has been addressed somewhere on this site. Replacing and welding was discussed.

For the second time the exhaust flange between the engine exhaust mount and the muffler assembly (sits on top of the flange) has cracked and rattles a lot. I have 290 hours on this machine. I replaced the exhaust system about 100 hours ago. I'm not under warranty and was dumb enough to throw away the other assembly (could have used to test a fix).

I don't believe I can weld this light weight metal with my oxy acetylene rig. Likely an arc welder is needed. Will a weld hold? Or should I redesign the muffler system? That is, I could reposition the muffler away from the engine a bit and use flex muffler pipe with a fabricated connection to the engine exhaust flange. I don't think a new muffler assembly will be any stronger. This small 3-cylinder Mitusbishi engine really vibrates below 1,000 RPM. I have been aware of this and have kept the idle RPM about 1100 with this new assembly. It cracked anyway. Very bad design.

Any thoughts from the experienced guys on this site would be helpful. Best, Allan
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