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Hey all,

So first post and new to tractors. Just got a 12 acre farm in Ca and am looking to have a small homestead with all the fixings. Right now I have a late 70's-early 80's tractor that I've been bringing back to life. The engine is solid and the hydraulics and PTO all work. Right now my issue is this:

The tractor had been sitting for 4 years outside and had a stuck clutch. Wouldn't disengage so had to force it into gear to get her anywhere. I tried several tactics. Hold the clutch down with a block of wood for several days. No go. Drive it into a large immovable object with the bucket down and the clutch depressed. No go. Drive in circle eights pressing the left and right brake pedal alternately. No go. And the last which was to tow it in gear with the clutch depressed and then drop a plow to break the clutch free. What happened after that was that it appeared to be free so I started driving it back. Then slowly the tractor stopped moving and now it won't move at all.

When I put it in gear I can see the the wheels grab but when I give it gas nothing. It will even grind a little but still won't move. I took off the gear shift top to check the forks and they all appear to work and before I split the tractor I'd like to know if there's anything else I should check. The PTO will spin so I know the tranny is still connecting but I'm just not knowledgable enough to diagnose without taking it apart. Any ideas and tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior Motor vehicle Vehicle registration plate Automotive exterior Font Bumper Wood Household hardware Auto part Metal Machine
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