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Loader Work

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I do a lot of close quarters work with My 4600 John Deere.My most common job is tearing out driveways for new concrete.This involves a lot of work close to Houses,Garages, Fences,Gas and Electric meters and lines,well you get the picture.If I am going to in any way dig into the ground I call for underground utility service to flag the locations of anything they have in the ground.This is a FREE service and it sure aint free if you dig up a line.Another point I would like to stress is that whatever machine you are using,be aware that it has 8 corners on it.I have learned this thru experience,even just touching any kind of plastic material with any part of the machine will damage it.When I am working I look something like a bobble head,watching all 8 corners. I try to think of footprint of my machine like a cube instead of a square.Danger lurks on the ground,under the ground,and in the air.Also I find that when I work in the city or suburban areas it is a good idea to have an alert ground man.Children are drawn like a moth to a flame.Many little ones have asked me if I am Bob The builder.
Heavy load in the bucket+turned wheels on lawn=rake and reseed
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I have an interesting story about those services. I called them and they faxed back a report that Ameruen UE(big power company) has no lines in your area. Well Ameruern UE did not have any power lines in that area or for 10 miles because that whole are is serviced by a mucipality owned power company. Long story short, we almost hit the linem but we didn't but that goes to show you that every system has flaws.

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