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Parts Man gets a 10 for that post

As a small farmer, I agree with Parts Man 100%. There are a lot of aspects about BTO's "big time operators" that I don't like, but on the other hand, they help feed this country and many others as well. They take away property from small farmers by being able to offer more cash rent on property, which causes small farmers to shut down operations. But, they also offer better income for some of the older landowners that no longer are able to farm there own land. BTO's also spend a great deal of money locally to help the local economy. With most grain and meat prices so low, farmers must increase operation size to just make a comfortable living. And we won't even talk about milk prices. Milk prices are at record lows but still on the rise in stores.

I am a small farmer that only owns 26 acres of what was originally a 3000 acre ranch. This farm has been in my family since 1834. My parents own another 40 acres of this original farm. On the combined 66 or so acres, plus about 75 rented acres, I raise most all the meat I eat. And most everything I need to feed them. If I don't raise it myself, it is usually something that I killed by hunting or caught by fishing. I very seldom buy meat from the grocery. It is almost impossible to make a living as a small farmer, but it can be a good supplement to a day job. And it is in your blood if you farm or else you wouldn't do it. Some people think I am crazy for working a full time job and also farming. I do it because I love it, but on the other hand, farming is all some of the BTO's know. I would much rather there be a big farming operation in my neighborhood than some factor that pays low wages and is a dead end job for hundreds of people with no chance to better themselves. And then the factory ends up closing down and sending its work to some third world country for children to run.

In my opinion, alot of the bad press that these big farms get is from groups like PETA, which I personally can't stand. How do these groups know that the chickens even care if they can run around free range or not? And what about the pigs and the cattle? Are they any unhappier that they don't get to graze in large pastures? As long as they get feed and watered every day are they just as content? I can't answer that and nobody else can either because those animals can't speak. But we are in a society of overindulgence and we expect the grocery to have anything we want anytime we go. We are a spoiled society, that's another reason for these large farming operations. These big farms offer a service that we have come to expect instead of a service that we cherish.

This is just my opinion and is not intended to offend anyone. Like Parts Man, my fingers are getting tired. I feel like I have ranted enough.

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