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Lenar Tractors

Discussion in 'Chinese / Grey Market Tractors' started by mongoose_1, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. mongoose_1

    mongoose_1 New Member

    Apr 1, 2006
    Has anyone heard of Lenar tractors? I found a dealer for them today here in La. It seems these are chinese tractors with backing from Ford and Isuzu (their claim).

    Just wondering if someone else has used or know any information about This brand.

    Their website is:

  2. HarryG

    HarryG New Member

    Mar 28, 2004
    Greetings Mongoose_1 and welcome to Tractorforum.com
    The subject of Lenar tractors if slim as far as I can tell.
    I believe there was or is a "partnership" so to speak with Ford & Izuzu but don't take that for gospel. Yes it is a China tractor but I don't remember which China manufaturer was involved as there are many.
    There was a guy that posted here a while ago as well as many other sites about his dissatisfaction with 3(?) Lenar tractors he had.
    Thats all I know. I'll include the specific topic thread for you to review.
    Regards, HarryG

    Lenar thread

  3. mitch

    mitch New Member

    Aug 9, 2007
    Lenar tractors are built by Jiangling tractor Co of China. When I bought it new I was also told that Ford was involved in them but have not been able to conferm that I have a 2005 model 274 This tractor has Been a problem sense the frist time I used it Was in the shop on several occasions For a overheating problem now it is back in the shop again for the overheating problem. but this time has a cracked head on it and warrenty will not cover it because warenty is expired The tractor only has 144 hours on it and sense frist time I used it could only run it around half hour to fourty five minuts before it gets hot. Have talked to other people that have this tractor and they have the same problem. So my answer is no I would not recommend anyone buy one of them. is anyone else on this forum having the same problem with it
  4. Live Oak

    Live Oak New Member

    Dec 21, 2003
    Welcome to Tractor Forum Mitch. Thanks for the candid feedback and sorry to hear of the problems you are having. Has your dealer indicated to you what he plans to do in order to get your tractor running again?
  5. Patrick Webb

    Patrick Webb New Member

    Jan 29, 2006
    Hello guys,

    I still have tractor number 4 and I am still having overheating problems as well. The company did not stand up to their word and all I can do is try to live with the problems I have and educate those out there to never buy a lenar. However the overheating problem has taught me how to do the most work in the least amount of time since the tractor cant be ran more than 30 minutes. I got banned too by the way off of tractorbynet because apparently the moderator of the board is in line with the dealers or he is a dealer himself. I cant believe the SOB banned me for speaking the truth. Mitch, if you were the one that called me, I would like you to call me again. We can chat about a major sollution to our ordeals. Thanks Patrick Webb
  6. Live Oak

    Live Oak New Member

    Dec 21, 2003
    Patrick, don't feel left out in the cold brother. That bunch of snobs and idiots over on tbn did the same thing to me as well before I found this place.

    We're glad to have you! Feel free to speak your mind.
  7. Patrick Webb

    Patrick Webb New Member

    Jan 29, 2006
    Thank you TF Admin,

    You know, there are alot of guys on here and the other sites that have offered great advice and Chip Uren showed himself to be one good man of good character in offering to help me out. The only problem with his offer is that he is over 500 miles away. I have done some repairs on the tractor as in welding the seat that broke due to bad design, re welding and fabricating a new mount for the FEL because it failed due to the manufacturer saving a few pennies by using 1/4 inch plate rather than 3/8. What I was writing on TBN was the truth and I actually was trying to give some good advice to a person having trouble with the starter on their Lenar.

    Alot of people think I am lieing about the tractors, that I abused them, that I am ignorant or stupid. Some think that I was out for revenge. Well, that wasn't true then, at that time, I just wanted what I paid for. I paid for a new tractor under warranty and an extended warranty. When I was willing to drive to Indiana to have it serviced and the fella told me he didn't sell it, so he doesn't have to work on it. I flipped. That was when I made the choice that I will do all I can do to make sure no Lenars are sold anywhere near me and there is a fella in Tx that I am currently working with to get our tractors fixed. Yes, it is after the warranty, but the issues are documented all over the net where I didn't get the service or support that I was entitled to. There is no excuse for the treatment I recieved from Lenar and therefore I look at myselfe as just educating the public so they can make an informed decision if they want to do business with this company. I know I have hit them in the pocket book but I wont be happy until they are no longer imported into the states. By the way, my tractor only has 341 hours on it. That is not alot of use if you figure how long I have had it. In this period of time I have changed the oils 5 times. Every spring I change the fluids in all my machines. That is why I get upset if someone says I abuse my equipment.
    I dont know why Bird erased my posts, they were on topic and they were true. I know why he banned me, he doesn't like being called an @#$ @#$%. I dont like being censored either. This is why I feel he is behind the dealers, how great it is to moderate a board like this where you can erase any bad comments about a tractor that you may be selling. The forum should contain any true statements about any tractor or dealership. Not just against his competitors.

    Now I have heard that Mahindra bought Lenar. I am hoping that this is true, there is a Mahindra dealer just down the road from me. I hope to see a Lenar in his fleet. I will have a place that will work on this thing, otherwise, I think I will be making a road trip. The tractor is in desperate need of a good mechanic. I am researching this right now. Mabee I can get the parts and service I need from them.

    Well thanks again TF Admin. I will try to be informative and polite on here.

    Patrick Webb
    1 734 439 0686

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  8. Live Oak

    Live Oak New Member

    Dec 21, 2003

    Chip comes highly recommended. If Chip says he thinks he can fix it or make it right, I'm betting he can and will. 500 miles is a long way to drive but might just be worth it to get things straightened out.

    It just amazes me that folks don't see the amount of censorship that goes on over on TBN. Seems like all or nearly all the posts and threads are "Stepford Wife" perfect. The subject matter content is mostly milque toast and boring as far as I am concerned.

    I do my best to accomodate all points of view. I just ask that they be kept civil and within some modicum of reason.
  9. DrRamby

    DrRamby New Member

    Jul 14, 2008
    Lenar Tractor

    I bought a new Lenar almost 2 years ago and have had nothing but problems. It's back in the shop now. The salesperson at the dealer told me that they were "good little tractors" and "we rarely ever get one back in for repairs". Mine broke down just a couple of weeks after I bought it with a clutch problem. Then the four wheel drive went out, the shuttle shift broke, and now the hydraulics are out. The service manager told me that these problems happen to almost every one of them. To make matters worse the warranty only has 2 more months on it. Fortunately I live in Texas and we have a consumer protection law called Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act. I tried to work with the dealer to put me into another brand of tractor and they wouldn't help so I hired an attorney. The attorney has just sent them a letter with intent to sue. If they refuse to help we will settle the matter in court. According to the law, I can sue them for three times the economic loss (3 x $11,900 = $35,700) and mental anguish (undetermined) plus attorney fees and court costs. You may have the same law in your state but the statute of limitations is two years. If it goes to court I will try to remember to post the outcome but I'm sure it will be months down the road. For now, I will hopefully get my little piece of wothless crap fixed and if I baby it along maybe it will at least last until the warranty expires.

    Lloyd Ramby

  10. Patrick Webb

    Patrick Webb New Member

    Jan 29, 2006

    Hello Lloyd,

    I wish Michigan had such a law. I damn sure would have used it three times over. Since Michigan does not have a lemon law for ag equiptment, I decided that the the net was the best place to go. I have tried to work with this company, and since I have not gotten satisfaction, my goal is to make sure I keep people talking about the experiences they are having with the company. Sooner or later, word of mouth will shut them down, mabee banks wont finance such a peice of junk, and consumers will be informed before making such a wastefull purchase. I know the info on the net has hurt Lenar, and I hope you get every dime out of the company. It would be nice to see a hungry lawyer file some sort of class action against this company. Out of curiosity, did you get your tractor from Rocky Philips there in TX. Did you get it from the North American Distributor or a second hand dealership. It would be nice to find out. Please let us all know how this goes for you. There are a few other unhappy owners there in TX, hopefully they will get with you. It is my ambition to relentlessly educate the consumers out there by keeping people talking about Lenar. The few good stories out there sound so fabricated and sweetened up, one has to wonder how much credit to give them. I wish you the best of luck.

    Patrick D. Webb
  11. ARTRAC

    ARTRAC New Member

    Jan 6, 2004
    I don't know what the current status of Lenar as an importer of tractors is, but the factory in China that made Patricks tractor, Jaingling, was acquired by Mahindra about 3 years ago. They introduced the Mahindra 2525 this year. It is based on the Lenar 254II with synchro shuttle trans. They did make a lot of changes and it is not the same as the 274 unit Patrick has. My involvement with Lenar was very breif, they were the first line ARTRAC sold, we ordered 4 tractors, I retailed one and wholesaled 3. the one I retailed burned in a fire about a year later. We did replace the engine in that tractor under warranty due to excessive oil consumption. The other 3 are doing well last update I got from the dealer who retailed them. The orginal exclusive US importer of Jaingling tractors, Taskmaster/Mazama failed a couple years ago. The texas regional distributor took over USA distribution at that time and since the Jaingling factory was now a Mahindra plant, Lenar began importing tractors from DongFeng. DongFeng makes the Taskmaster brand and has for many years. I have heard rumors but do not currently know if Lenar is still in operation in Texas.

    The engine used by Mahindra in the 2525 is made by thier former Jaingling plant and is based on the NJ385 used by Lenar in both the274 and 254II. (another Lenar owner has already determined that the starter is not interchangable) Mahindra claims to have made substantial improvments to the old "
    Fengshou" tractor. I saw a Mahindra 2525 at a show in Tulsa and again in TUlare Calif. and many changes are obvious. I cant speak for mahindra as to wether they woule be willing to sell parts and or service tractors made prior to thier ownership of the factory. Mahindra did not buy Lenar, lenar is a USA brand name.

    The original importer (Mazama) made a big deal of Ford's involvement in Jaingling. Jaingling continues to produce minivans and trucks in China and this is where the Ford connection is. It is questionable wehter Ford had any involvement in the tractor operations. I was once told that the president of the tractor factory was a son of the chairman of Jaingling and he studied in USA and worked for Ford here as part of his fast track to managment in Jaingling. He oversaw the tractor factory after it was taken over from the government (the old Feng Shou tractor).

    At the time I offered to repair Patrick's tractor, Mazama was still in operation and we were still in communication concerning more tractors from them. We were just getting started back then and had time to do some extra things... If anyone is having trouble getting parts for lenar tractors made by DongFeng, I could probably help as we have a tie in with that factory now. I don't have any access to FS or Jaingling made parts any more. (I do have a couple FS274 mufflers still in stock).
  12. Live Oak

    Live Oak New Member

    Dec 21, 2003
    Thanks for stopping by and posting some very interesting information Chip! :cheers: Seems like there is a lot of termoil and turnover in the Chinese tractor manufacturing world. Not unlike what occurred many years ago in the US.
  13. ARTRAC

    ARTRAC New Member

    Jan 6, 2004
    China is embracing capitalism. They are placing more and more state owned factories under private ownership and joint stock ownership. Today I got a phone call asking me if I had heard the Jinma was sold to Mahindra. It have heard that rumor for about a year now... I think many of the chinese brands will be absorbed by the international corporations. Case IH bought the Shanghai factory several years ago, John deere has bought two factories so far. Mahindra bought Jaingling and has been reported to be working on another acquisition (might be Jinma but no verifiable info on that). Like it or not, it is a world economy. I just hope chinese wages rise a lot before the "world wide average wage" goes into effect....
  14. Down-Under

    Down-Under New Member

    Nov 6, 2008
    Artrac's post is true. Mahindra bought 51% of Jiangsu Yueda Yancheng Tractor Manufacturing Company, last August 18. Their brands are Jinma, Foton and EuroLeopard at least and the Indians also own a controling interest in FengShou and Mahindra China.

    Lenar, was a name cobbled together by a US distributor and used in the UK, Australia, US and on a few in New Zealand until the name became more than a little bit tarnished. Mahindra bought out the other party's legal interest in respect to the name and quietly killed it... because of the baggage associated with it; except in Australia. Mahindra there (and in New Zealand), will not allow the local distributor to call a Mahindra, a Mahindra... (because they want the name reserved for Indian Mahindara's only, probably because of the likelyhood of these things ruining their name, I would guess) so he persists with Lenar. The NZ distributor is a bit more down to Earth and up-front and says it is "made by Mahindra".
    But Mahindra can call it whatever they like... but a pig wearing lipstick; is still a pig. My Lenar, was/is unfit for any purpose (except scrap). In 19 months, my lenar has done only 20 hours work, because it was away being repaired for 15 months and is still away. If it could go wrong or break or disintegrate, it did and does and it seemed to shed parts like Autumn leaves. Part of the problem is that the bolt threads are so coarse, they don't do up properly and then quickly loosen.

    Patrick Webb is absolutely right to protest because he and everyone else that shelled out hard earned cash to buy one of these sad excuses for a tractor, has been treated shamefully. Parts don't seem to exist anywhere and where they do, it is truely a miracle. If one orders parts on China and they actually arrive, no one seems to have any idea about how to fit them.
    My Lenar and the shenanigans of the selling dealer (who couldn't seem to grasp the notion of a warranty and what it actrually meant), caused me so much stress, I had a heart attack. Like Patrick, I really wouldn't recommend either a Lenar or Mahindra.
  15. RMD

    RMD New Member

    Jun 8, 2010
    Lenar overheating

    Someone was talking about Lenar 274 overheating and got it fixed once. What
    did they find,mine is overheating now.
  16. Down-Under

    Down-Under New Member

    Nov 6, 2008
    I suppose you have done the usual rigmaroll... blown the dust out of the radiator core, cleaned the screen in front of the radiator... checked to make sure the radiator is full, fan belt properly tensioned and so on?

    I found the radiator cap on my Mahindra ES254 to be "Michael-Mouse" and kept blowing the contents of the expansion tank out and onto the exhaust pipe

    I found the radiator and screen seem to be very prone to being compleatly blocked by dust, clippings, seeds and rubbish blown up by the mower. The Mahindra "book of words" says to clean out with compressed air rather than water "because dust might turn into mud, and seeds might swell, which could be impossible to remove and ruin the radiator". The dust and rubbish will cause the engine to quickly overheat, especially on a hot day.

    It might be worth checking the thermostat as well... put it in a saucepan with a thermometer and heat until the thermostat opens and check the opening temperature. Mine seemed to begin to open at something like 70 degrees C and was compleatly open at about 80 degrees C.

    If none of the above, see if you can borrow a sniffer kit and radiator/cooling system pressure tester from a local mechanic and see if anything is revealed. Check the water pump before rolling up your sleeves and ripping the head off and make sure you have all the gaskets and any other parts actually in your hands, before you even think about beginning. Parts can be something of an issue!
  17. joe36

    joe36 New Member

    Aug 21, 2010
    Lenar overheating

    The way i got to fixing the overheating problem is to replace the radiator with a similar size american ford tractor radiator. I researched the size and found the Ford 1910 radiator to be very close to the size but it was very expensive. I bought a Ford 5000 radiator on e-bay for 50 buck and went to work. I made it fit with minor modifications and bingo. Cool as the North Pole. Use it all day in the Texas 100 plus weather and it will not heat up. I kept the same radiator fan. Ford radiators are well made.
  18. joe36

    joe36 New Member

    Aug 21, 2010
    Scott-Hourigan co. in York, Nebraska (402)362-7711 has parts for Lenar Tractors. Terry the sales person recently sold me some hydralic system gaskets and rings. scotthouriganco@hotmail.com
  19. jsass

    jsass New Member

    Sep 27, 2010
    Lenar Tractors, and problems

    I have a 2003 Lenar 274 (27 horse, 4 wheel drive).
    I see the problems people have had with their Lenars.
    Here are my problems (Engine has always overheated).
    Wiring to Starter motor is inadequate (I installed a relay switch)
    Steering hydraulic cylinder rips out of front axle
    ( I installed a helicoil to solve this one)
    I own 12 acres of property, 5 of which I need to maintain with the Lenar.
    This is not tough duty, as the property is flat. I mostly have to mow, spread wood shavings (composted manure, very light horse manure with wood chips).
    I also have to disk the riding arena.

    Right now I have it at a mechanic to see if he can fix the engine.
    It appears that Mahindra (India with factories in China) owns Lenar.

    Question. Has anyone solved the Engine overheating problem, and is there a compatible motor I could install to solve this inadequate designed tractor overheating problem?
  20. joe36

    joe36 New Member

    Aug 21, 2010
    Lenar overheating

    Get that cheap radiator out and replace. See my previous posting. I ran my lenar for 3hrs yesterday on uneven and rocky soil. Pretty warm weather still here in Texas and the Ford radiator is keeping the engine on the cool side. Hope you did not blow a gasket. On my other posting is the name of the parts provider in Nebraska.