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Hey all, I wanted to share my recent experience with everyone and hopefully save someone from what I am going through. I bought a Kubota SVL75-2 HFWC track loader two months ago for work in the cattle business and forestry work. The tractor has 60hrs on it today and is in the shop, again. It started sputtering and cutting out at 50hrs after beginning a DPF re-gen cycle , without throwing a code, then eventually shut down. We checked all the usual, fuel tank, fuel filter, water accumulator, the works. No luck. There were several other John Deere machines running at the same time without any issues and all the equipment shares a fuel tank and fuel. We hauled it to the nearest dealer, explained the issue and that it triggered during a DPF re-gen, and they kept it for exactly one week before they contacted us and said it was a clogged fuel filter. It seemed unlikely but I bit the bullet and paid $254 to replace the fuel filter on my new machine. I picked it up and took it home and immediately began running it. I quickly noticed that it started re-gen every hour while running. within 4hrs, my new machine with 60hrs on it, threw a code and went into limp mode. I hauled it back to the dealer where we are now in the third week of the machine being down and in the shop. After the first week and a heap of calls to Kubota Corporate, they determined that it was possibly/maybe the main wiring harness for the machine. Unfortunately there are none in stock anywhere in the U.S. I was just given an anticipated delivery date on the part of at least 10 days, then the install time and hope that it works. At this point, considering the amount of lost income we are dealing with by having a none functioning primary machine and my states laws that require a buyback, I requested Kubota swap the machine or do a buy back. Nope. Looks like a legal battle is all we can hope for. All this it to warn potential buyers of a new Kubota...the staff at Kubota Corp are super friendly and nice without question but they offer no solutions. So, unless you want to drop $65,000 dollars on a machine that Kubota won't stand behind, find another brand!! On that note, anyone have a recommendation for an alternative skid steer brand that's quality?
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Welcome to the forum john. Sorry to hear your troubles with the new Kubota, which is stunning since typically they are well made and reliable machines with far more pleased folks than not. Must have bought a "Monday built machine". :). We'll, hopefully you get this resolved. Having been a member of this forum for several years, you read of these situations happening on all brands.
Thanks Hoodoo Valley! I was surprised myself about the issue as Kubota was highly recommended to me and rated well. I've learned through my research that there seems to be some issues with the DPF systems for a number of people so I'll keep everyone updated as to what the fix was.
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