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I have a new cx2510 as well and I’m having the same problem. I called my local dealership and they said have someone on the tractor and go through all the normal starting sequence, now take the igniton wire off of the starter solenoid and jump it to the hot wire of the solenoid, he said it bypasses all the safety switches and should fire up. I’ve done that and it cranks over but doesn’t run. I called back and they said it sounds like the seat safety switch. I took that apart at the quick connect and jumped it out with a wire to act as the switch is closed. Still no improvement. It kind of sounds like a similar issue but not exactly the same since jumped the seat switch out. I actually had this problem last weekend. I Let it sit for a day and it fired right up! I started and stoped it 10 times this week. I Start and stopped it 5 times this morning and then after disconnecting my backhoe attachment I’m having this issue again.
Any suggestions? Thanks
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