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Just A Test To Beat Jodyand!!!

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Heh Jodyand... Am I getting Closer????
If there were more people to talk to, I wouldn't haver to write silly nonsense to beat you as #2 poster.
I wouldn't still be #3 if KentT and others were willing to ARGUE more!!
If I could get Bob_in_ma to meet me for a political debate, I'd be number 1!!!
This post makes us EQUAL....
Anmd this one puts me in SECOND place, right behind ADMIN....
If I'm ever posting more than ADMIN, we're ALL in trouble!!!!!
I'm going to be ROFLMAO if Andy resets your counter
ME TOO!!!!

Be did say for Moderators to do what we could to up the level of postings though??

Not fair

You have been a busy bee im about to leave to go home and i will pick up again.LOL:D

I think I need a good spelchecur....

Actually, I can Spell...
I just have uncooperative fingers!!!!
POSSIBLY a defective Brain!!!!!
tisenberg -- reading my mind?

yep, I can hear the ticking of the clock......reset counters for TG is coming up next --- channel 3 --- live at 7 --- j/k




lets see if this works
try againg

how about now


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how aout this



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1 - 20 of 250 Posts
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