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Date: September 2004
To Owners of:

Model Serial Number Ranges
Buck M0FGTA5010001 through M0FGTA5021235
Buck EX M0FKTA5010001 through M0FKTA5020975
Buck EXT M0FFTA5010001 through M0FFTA5020929
Trail Buck 500 M0GGVD5010001 through M0GGVD5020775
Trail Buck 650 M0GGVC5010001 through M0GGVC5020775
Trail Buck 650 EX M0GKVC5010001 through M0GKVC5021080
Trail Buck 650 EXT M0GFVC5010001 through M0GFVC5020650
Buck 500 Auto M0FGTD5020001 through M0FGTD5021163

Dear John Deere Customer:

This notice is being provided to you in accordance with the requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Act and other applicable laws.

What is the reason for this notice?
In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, John Deere Worldwide Commercial and Consumer Equipment Division is voluntarily recalling John Deere Buck and Trail Buck Utility All-Terrain Vehicles.

What is the potential problem?
The front brake hose, on either side of the vehicle, could be pulled out of its retaining bracket by debris, when operating the vehicle. This could cause the brake hose to wear against the inner wheel and/or shock absorber spring seat, resulting in a loss of brake fluid and a complete loss of front braking ability. If this occurs, it will lead to an increase in the braking distance and possible collision with bystanders, a fixed object or another vehicle resulting in possible injury or death.

What should you do?
Contact an authorized John Deere UATV Dealer and make an appointment to have your vehicle repaired. This work will be performed at no charge to you. For you safety, please stop using your vehicle until repair is performed.

If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Contact Center at 1-800-537-8233.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Thank you for you immediate attention to this matter.


John Deere Worldwide Commercial and Consumer Equipment Division

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I think you are right Sixchows. I don't remember the exact date they hit the market, but it wasn't too long ago.
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