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This machine is 2.5 years old and has over 1000 hours on it.I work it hard.Overall I give it a very positive rating.The only breakdowns I have had have been hydraulic hoses,John Deere cut corners there. Replacement hose are all heavier,even the ones I have gotten from Deere.The 460 loader is a quality piece of equipment smooth and strong.With it's quick connections I can remove it 3 minutes,reinstall in 5 minutes.Back-hoe to three point hitch and implement about 10 minutes.Servicing the tractor is made simple,all plugs amd filters easy to get to,plenty of grease fittings ,2 on most pins.
The tractor has 3 speed ranges plus a 4 speed fully syncronized transmission and shuttle shift.It is a slick set up for anyone doing a lot of loader work,like I do.
The things I would change on it John Deere has on the 4610.My next work machine will be another Deere.
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