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Worked at a dealer for over 20 years. Have seen many issues where people expected a warranty to cover issues that were not warrantable. Most people seem to think warranty means anything that goes wrong. Often had to ask people to read the actual warranty statement. Most state they cover issues with materials and workmanship. I would often ask a customer what did the factory do to cause you problem? Yes I realize they don't want to spend the money to cover something they did wrong, but they company often did nothing to cause the failure.
If it was a possibility the company could get out of paying they often tried to blame the dealer for poor predelivery. I was even able to get some warranties honored after they had expired when I pointed out the failure was in and enclosed crankcase or in a position that was very hard to access. Took a lot of convincing but when I told the service tech he was going to demonstrate how to predeliver a combine and to complete it he best e prepared to spend a few days for a complete teardown and reassembly. He sure changed his tune!
On the other end I saw a fellow ask for warranty on a 25 year old fan belt. The partsman just looked at him and said "Don't you ever own that tractor?".
Yes we all do dumb stuff, a few years ago I used a top link pin that was too long and bent the lift cylinder rod on a 45 year old tractor. Just about gave up looking for the rod, but finally found one. I think it was the last one in stock anywhere!

Hope repair goes well
Have a better day tomorrow
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