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JCB 3CX grey roof help needed

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Hi, Old question but I could do with some guidance on next step - machine is normally an excellent starter but the other day I got the click as though it was still in forward select. Has fwd rev and neutral selector on steering column, clutch and small switch on bucket lever. Al these appear to work correctly when selected or unselected and you get a slightly different noise and brighter or dimmer ignition light - so they appear to me to be ok.

Are there any other cut out switches and if not guidance on where to start with searching for earth leak would be really appreciated

3CX-4/331283/P Engine 179110.P Gearbox 080/5/02191

Thanks Pete
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Is there a seat safety switch perhaps? What about the battery? Could be low or just about dead. Or maybe the battery connections are not tight as they should be. make sure they are tight and well connected.
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Cheers pogo bill - sorry I should have said battery checked and fully charged, and tried jumping off L200 just in case - cannot see a seat switch of any description - hence stuck with thinking of broken wire or earth leak but no idea where to start
Cheers Pete
Just had a check and absolutely no wiring on seat frame

However, for those with more electrical knowledge than me (most of you) I noticed when I operated the clutch or bucket switch the ignition light remained bright and indicated voltage unchanged - when I selected fwd or rev though the ignition light dimmed and indicated voltage dropped by 50% - all four operations gave a noise like a relay operating

Is this a clue or normal?

Thank you
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