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That's fine for bypassing all the safeties and switch wiring and will work as good as my purchased remote starter.
Untill you try to bypass the solenoid and go straight to the starter windings, then it's a bit to light.
Yep..... That's when I use one of these with the ends and wiring from a junk set of jumper cables and there even cheaper than the push button switch. Over the years, my Service Managers, Shop Foreman, and the Old Timers always seemed to kinda frown if they saw me using a screwdriver to make big arcing sparks on a piece of equipment. They just got me in the habit of not taking any chances of burning a customers equipment up, or the shop down, because of a fuel leak/explosive vapors. That's also a really good way to fry an ECM, dash cam, or backup camera

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts