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This stuff is coming out of our warehouse - it was used to store telecommunications equipment and we no longer need it.

There are eight 6' wide sections and three 8' wide sections that are all just shy of 10' high (a total of 72 linear feet). These can be cut for lower applications. The shelves are wire mesh, very heavy duty (1200# per shelf) and completely adjustable.

I need to get this out of our Waltham, Mass (02864) office as soon as possible. These are ideal for a sizable workshop area or if you own a business and need serious storage.

I cannot seperate them or sell one section at a time. They need to all go together. Everything is disassembled and ready to be loaded onto a truck.

Call me (401-419-5000) or email me ([email protected]) if you are interested. These cost about $5000 new. I would like to get about $1200 but would consider reasonable offers. Getting to these quickly is key and would help allow me to adjust the price.



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