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IH 574 question

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Hi all, I have an IH 574, diesel. Pretty basic question but this is my first tractor. How much hydraulic fluid goes in the back? I can see some gears and such when I open the fill location, should these be completely submerged? I usually fill until the dipstick reads full, but just checking. I have never drained the system and replaced it. I have a couple small leaks from the loader and power steering so I end up having to refill it every now and then.

Also, it does make a whining noise sometimes - is that a filter problem usually?


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If you go by the dipstick you will be just fine. In fact you can have the fluid level a half inch or more above the full mark on the stick with no problems.

Even at that level you probably will not see the fluid level through the filler opening, as it's still well below the joint where the main case meets the lift housing.
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