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If they build it, I will find something wrong with it

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Please offer up your pride and joy and I will be more than happy to point out why it's a pos.

BTW, nice forum.
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Very funny. I hope you have a different name that you can use as well. I hate to see you take a beating for every post you do, good or bad. LOL


Hi KromeyBeard, You are'nt wheely in disguise are you ? ;)

By the way, I love my L120 and there is nothing you can point out that I already don't know :D

Have a good day,
I knew they were one in the same LOL welcome back.
No, not Wheely, or jackyj or even that new basher WheelHoss. But keep up the good work boys, I think we have finally gotten the word out. HD will really be sorry when they see the sales drop off on those POS Ls for the month of October. Ha!
Of course sales are going to drop in october. Who in the Hell is going to buy a lawn mower in october? You need some help maybe some loving :)
Me... Me.. I'm going to buy in October..

Well, probably not, but maybe. I need to get paid for a little side-job I am working on, and find a Deere Dealer who needs an extra 20sqft of floor space for the winter and is willing to sacrifice to do it.

Maybe November. Has anyone noticed if/when the dealers try to do the 'close out the season' thing?

It's not a clearance but rather 5-12 months same as cash financing to entice folks to buy equipment in the Fall that they won't use again until Spring. Bought two JD garden tractors this way.
Kromebeard who??? That is a good one....I still have my L-130 and still happy. Got any insight on that one?:D
WOW,I made it!!! This is my first post on this forum.I have a Scott 2046 hydro.I pull a Swisher 44" offset to mow 5.5 acres.My local JD dealer has no problem with Scotts,they say its only a JD painted a wrong color.
Hope to see this place grow
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Thanks for posting and welcome to
What do ya mean SuperFreak????

Is in it the BEST time to buy stuff - when they have little sales and its costing them money to keep it ???

This is true of Tractors, Cars, Boats, etc....

BTW - this being uinder SCOTTS is there a forum for a Scott lawnmover? I have a self propeeled one that quit propelling well - crappy drive design. Does anyone have fixes or ideas - I am out of them already....:mad:
Deer180, post it here!

Post all of your Scotts stuff here, walk behind or riding...

it is all good. ;)

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