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Identify model of CAV injector pump type DPA on Allis-Chalmers 160 AG tractor?

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Thanks, I found on page 22 of that manual that Allis-Chalmers 160 with a Perkins AD 3.152 diesel, doesn't have external timing marks. That's about the dumbest thing I ever heard of.

On a CAV DPA Injector pump nomenclature plate, there are these #'s 3430060, PW 50, 800 6 2420, 096290 X1, how can I identify which of these #'s is the model #?
CAV (Delphi) model number is 3430060 (more common as DPA3430F060).
Allis-Chalmers (AGCO) part number is 2080274 or 72080274.

Governor spring code is 6, by the way.

Parts lists online:
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