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I saw Kevin Beitz today

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I went to an antique tractor and engine show in Jacktown, PA and saw some of Kevin's collection. What a nice guy to talk to. I told him that folks here are asking about him and he said that he was on this site the first couple of days and becuase it was kinda empty that he hadn't been back. I told him that it is a lot busier here now and with the new stuff Andy has done after the first week, he might like to check it out again. He said he would check it out when he got a chance. If he comes over, let's give him a big welcome!:)
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Ok, tell me who is Kevin Beitz? Thanks!

He was on

tonight asked a couple of questions and i answer them. He was on a good while.:smiles: He asked where everybody from GW hung out i told him pretty much everywhere. Then he asked how to put a Avatar below his name so i told him how. And then i welcome him and asked him not to be a stranger.
Kevin has a huge collection of old wheel horses and old Hit and Miss motors and everything else under the sun. Hes always posting pics of his stuff and tractor shows. :smiles:
Kevin's craftsmanship

Kevin is one of those guys that can take other peoples discarded machines and use the parts to build new stuff. He had a tractor in the back of his truck today that he said he had about $100 invested in TOTAL. The motor was an old McCormick-Deering hit and miss bolted to a sheet metal frame (Dynamark or MTD maybe?) with a belt drive to cleated steel wheels he made himself. It ran like it was new. He also collects old articulated riding mowers from the 50's and 60's. The guy is a real craftsman, great photographer, philosopher, and world class tinkerer AND a nice guy to talk to without a big ego. I hope he finds out how easy it is to load photos up on this site. That is one of the things about GW that I don't understand, it is as difficult as possible to load up a photo over there. I don't know if you can still peek "over there" and don't need to know, but if you can, check out the Jacktown thread to see his photos that he took today.
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Did he bring his concrete slab to the show? :)

Always fun to see what he is building or inventing.

Thanks everyone for your kindness

Well its looks like a place to hang out... This place sure has changed in a short time...
This is my new toy that I got at Jacktown...
Question.... I uploaded a picture but I did not see it... I tried twice... It took awile to upload but it did not show up... What did I do wrong ????

Glad to have you around.:cool:

As for posting pic's? There is a FAQ in the tractor photo fourm, did you check that out ? I havent tryed any myself, just attachments, so I can't help anymore.

Come on guys! Lets help Kevin post some pictures! [boy thats a switch, huh Kevin?:D ]
Hey Kevin. Are you downloading a picture to the web site, or just showing one thats already on a web site? If you already have it on a site, the GW style img src= works. If you are downloading it to this site, at the lower part of where you type your reply has a "attach file" box. Bolth work on my end.
Hey Kevin,

Jodyand has a great FAQ on uploading pics. Do a search on Jodyand's posts and you should be able to find it. I can't believe he's not on the case by now!!:D He must be sleeping in today. You might ask Andy, he knows a little about that stuff too.:smiles: :smiles: :smiles: Sorry Andy, opportunity was there for a shot.

Anyway, welcome to on in, pull up a chair, :coffee:and really's a fun place. :halloween

Andy, by the way is founder, the Big Kahuna, Boss, Dad, Colonel and probably a few others I didn't or can't mention......:smiles:
I used the attach file thinge under this post a message fourm...
I'm useing JPG files around 40 kb in size...
Let me try again....
You should see a picture...

Picture is 640x480 77.6 kb JPEG compliant Wheelhorse


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Hey.... I found the problem....
If you Preview the message the picture goes away....
Is that something that needs fixed ?????
Now let me try it my way.....

<img src=>
I think I like my way better...

<img src=>
Preview and photo upload goes away?

Let me check it out and I will try to get it fixed. :)

Thanks, Kevin.

testing picture
<img src=>


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Nothing we can do about this one I'm afraid. The HTML spec doesn't allow file-uploads to be kept through our 'previewing' process...

We ~could~ implement a sort of fix, but it could very easily result in massive amounts of attachments building up in your temporary folder without being attached to messages...

So in short, there's nothing we can do about it. Sorry. It is more of a browser html spec issue that a forum software issue. It will be rectified shortly in new version but reworking the code and adding more temp storage. Should not be a problem for the long term.


The live picture i can preview the Attach file you can not preview if you try to preview it goes away. So if you Attach file you have to just submit reply and it stays.
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