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They don't charge by the word here.
Where are those numbers located?
What transmission does it have - how many gears?
Is it a gas or diesel? How many cylinders?
What size are the rear tires? What color is the tractor?
Can you post a photo of it?

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9c = A date code with missing letters, the code is probably for the transmission production date.

310 = 3100 (Agricultural All Purpose), before April 1, 1968
2 = Gasoline (Petrol) engine
3 = Live PTO
C = 8-speed transmission, (4 forward + 1 reverse) times high and low.

Looking at:
gives the possibility of a 1965 tractor, if so:
C103655 = Serial number for a tractor assembled at the Highland Park plant, Michigan, USA, during 1965.

D195 = Date code with year number last (to avoid being mixed up with the serial), if so:
The tractor was assembled April 19, 1965

Search for more numbers, check the Oaktree site for locations.
1965 was the first year for model 3000, so a date code starts with 5.

Do you have a picture of the tractor?
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