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I guess I will be the first to post

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I have been checking in on this board and see no one has started posting. I am not an Oliver expert by any means but have a bunch of them. I have a coupla 60 parts tractors, 1 Oliver 70 in fair condition, Three Oliver 66's, 6 Row Crop Oliver 77's and 1 Standard Oliver 77, 1 Oliver 88, 1 Oliver 1650, and 3 Oliver 1850's. I have three Oliver 88 bone tractors--- that is all gone but the wheels, frame and Transmissions.
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Dick, that's a fine collection!!! Are they work tractors or have you restored some/ plan to.
I pull one 66, 77, and 88. The 77and 88 have been painted. another 66 I painted and pulled a few years back but needs an overhaul. I have one 77 that I have in for a complete restoration. It is all done except for the tin. The 66 that I pull now was my dads, it is a strong tractor but smokes and I want to start on it next spring. It had changed hands several times after dad sold it and it looks rough. The big tractors are work tractors.
Dick, thanks for the reply. I'm a Farmall fan myself but I love to see all the old iron, workin, pullin, or shinin.:D
Their's been a few 66's and 77's and 770's at our local tractor show but I've never seen an 88. That would be a brute!
I am from South Bend originally, and have a few books on Oliver. They recently tore down the old Oliver factory. My uncles family always had Olivers. One son got disowned and lost his inheritance farm because he had the gall to buy a John Deere in the late 50's. My Uncles dad, told him to leave. My Uncle (by marriage) got his brothers share of the land. :clap:
I'm always reasonably impressed by the Olivers. I'm an orange man myself, but the olivers rank well in my book!
Jim D
Disinherited and shunned out of the family for buying a Deere? WOW:eek: :eek: tough family! I don't even want to know what would have happened if he bought a Case or Farmall or heavens, a Kubota had they been available. What happened to pot Oliver out of business? They made a great tractor, so it must have been something else?
Oliver was bought by White in 1960. They almost immedialtey shut down the South Bend Oliver plant. They kept the Oliver name going until the early 70's (1972/3 I think). Later in the 1960's they had bought Minneapolis Moline also. By the early 70's the White, MM, and Oliver were the same tractors with different colors. In 74 White stopped this and made all tractors the silver colored 'Whites". I think all are now under the AGCO group.

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