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Husqvarna z246i ignition problems

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I have a husqvarna Z246i
The battery seemed to go dead it was replaced. The new battery shorted on a clip.
I now have voltage to the fuse and to the Ignition keypad, but no voltage anywhere else.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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Howdy Bladechaser,

You say you have power to the fuse and to the key switch, and no further. Which fuse? Are the other fuses ok? I would check out the key switch first to determine why power is not getting through the switch.
Yes there is power to the main fuse coming off the battery which is a 20 amp. There is also power to the red wire going into the electronic Ignition switch. There are no lights on the switch, and no digits are showing on the hour meter. I am not sure where the other fuses are located. I have not been able to find a wiring diagram.
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