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Husqvarna articulating mower

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Anyone have experience with the Husqvarna R220T articulating riding mower? I think it may be a better choice for my 1/2 acre lot with many trees versus a zero turn mower. The R220T would not scalp the grass, and turns tight enough to get around all my trees. Plus it is built to use some attachments.

The R220T is hydrostat driven with forward or backward drive via the foot pedals, and has a Plant Wheel Tire Automotive tire Motor vehicle
brake between direction changes
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Ventrac ups the game for an articulated estate tractor:
Got my Husky R120S out of storage yesterday, checked the oil, fuel, etc and it fired right up. I never store a small engined piece of equipment with anything but whole gas, no gas treatment, and never had an issue. Got the deck frame welded up (on of the deck arms was busted at the weld) and mounted. I feel like I stole this thing for $400. Such a slick little machine, smaller overall than a ZTR, with a 42" deck out front where its very easy to see where the deck is and how close to bushes, trees yard stuff. Now that I adjusted the tire pressure way down, it rides ok, though not quite as good as a typical ZTR which has a longer wheelbase and wider stance.

I really like the car like manual steering, and the forward/reverse hydrostatic drive foot pedals actually allow for more accurate control on my smaller lot (1/2 acre, lots of trees). Because it articulates there is very little tire scrub unlike a ZTR where you always have to be careful doing a tight turn to not tear up the grass. Now I need to do some cleanup and adjustments and sell my Simplicity 52" ZTR, 26 HP B&S Vanguard V-twin. Nice machine, solid, three blade deck, decent ride, cuts good, just too big for my in city 1/2 acre lot.
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