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Checked my mail this morning and got the following e.mail from HP Photo.

Please note: this e-mail is being sent to notify you about your HP Photo account. Even if you have
opted out of receiving messages from HP Photo, we are required to contact you regarding this

Dear Greg,

HP Photo is revising a few terms of service. The following changes will help us better focus on
the HP Photo benefits members have told us are most important.

· Effective April 26, 2004, links from HP Photo to other sites such as auction sites and community
discussion boards will no longer be allowed. Please check with the site that you are interested in
linking your photos to in order to determine the most appropriate method of including photos with
your posting.

I can't believe discontinuing the ability to connect to auctions and forums is what "HP Photo benefits members have told us are most important. "

I just deleted all my albums. Screw 'em!

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I hear ya i just signed up with its another free site. Well see how this one works out.
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