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Hey, who's this guy? I don't remember him.

Probably not. I've posted 3 or 4 times on GardenWeb in the last year or so but that's about it.

I live in eastern Pennsylvania, where the clay is thick with stones from thumbnail size to need-two-case-traction-kings-to-budge-this-one size. But stuff grows so well that the weeds make a sort of Sproing! sound as they leap to maturity.
A couple of years ago we moved from town to a 10-acre property that's about 4 acres of tall trees growing out of rocks and being strangled by short scrub, 3 acres of stuff that looks like lawn if I take my glasses off and an acre or two of what would be sort of pasture if it was smoother. (the rest is swamp -- today it's called wetlands.)
The whole idea was to have a place for our 3 German shorthairs to run because all the places we've run dogs were being developed. And we didn't need to be in town for the kids, because the kids are out on their own now.
We like to garden. We burn wood. We both work, different shifts so the dogs aren't alone. We can't really afford this place, so we use old equipment, mostly Gravelys, that we got cheap and that is within my modest ability to repair. We're always way behind and getting further behind fast. So here I am, hoping for knowledge that will stave off the danger that we'll be mowing in the winter and moving snow when it's long gone.
Pleased to meet you all.
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Welcome to the newist and best tractor forum on the net dont be afraid to ask ?s and post we are all here to help. :D
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