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How much does the oil pan weigh?

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In pulling the oil pan off a 1951 8N, I know that the tractor needs to be supported under the transmission and the front axle support must be removed but I was wondering how much the pan weighs once it's unbolted? Is this thing so heavy that they will find me a couple of days later lying under the machine crushed by the oil pan?
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Thanks Partsman...I think I can handle that. Just didn't want to get caught in a tough position that I couldn't get out of...been there too many times already!

Not too bad, but make sure your hands aren't too greasy. You got a problem with your oil pickup tube or doing a restoration/rebuild?

I have extensive experience with the Ns...especially the 8Ns.
If you have any questions, lemme know!


ya i guess it would be heavy...

i just this the old photo hosting site reborn as a forum??
Put a floor jack under it and it wont bugger up the last few bolts when it drops, Also helps a bunch when you want to re-install it.

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