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Need some questions as to why your Mitsubishi tractor came about?

How about a trip down memory lane when it was the machine of it's day.

This is a 172+ page blog. The pages are short with ample pictures. The link is already set in google translate to read it in English. Be aware, the term "aircraft" is loosely translated. No, your tractor can not fly. Instead, the correct word needs to be "machine".

At the bottom of each page, pick the next number to index to the next page.

And yes, there are tractors prior to the Satoh era called To. To as in Tomato.

Culture is everything in Japan. The FACE of your tractor has a deep meaning to the people. So are the names and the model numbers.

A 3-cly indeed is a good machine. However, when the 4-cly machines came on the scene, many issues or problem dissolved away.

Enjoy! Plenty of images and neat stuff.
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