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I have quiet a few older Homelite parts for sale as the local hardware store went out of business locally due to Wal Mart etc. Homelite parts are getting harder to find due to the larger companies buying and selling it over the last 10 years. Have heard they are now owned by a Chinese Co.
I hear a lot of complaining about Homelite but have had very good use from a 14" Super 2 and a 16" Super 2. I believe they were built as good or better than the upscale saws at one time. My saws have very little plastic in them and the fit is very good, plus the are very easy to work on. Have
worked on Husquvarna and Stihls and would rather work on a good ole Homelite anytime. Many of the saws now days have to be almost disassembled just to get to carburator..
If anyone interested in older Homelite parts
please check with me and see if I might have it.
Also have many parts books to look them up for you..Thanks: Roe
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