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good memory

I had forgot about that myself. But Tractorguy Extraordinaire didn't:clap: :clap: :smiles:

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Nice changes

Nice work to the site while I have been gone!

I hope to get most of my farming done in the next week or two. I just delivered my last load of hay yesterday. I just can't seem to raise enough. It's bad to sell out this earlier, but I guess thats better than having hay left over.

I will be running the grain drill this weekend and will try to get some shots to post. It's just been so crazy here lately that I haven't even thought of taking the camera with me.


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Let me guess. Taken from your tracor seat. Is that corn stubble I see in the foreground? I didn't realize the mountains were that far west. God awful beautiful country. I hope the real estate market comes back soon, so I can be there standing beside you taking in that view.
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