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Attached below is a listing of Pony serial numbers:
Jul - 1976 P10001
Jan - 1977 P12184
Jul - 1977 P17239
Jan - 1978 P21736
Jul - 1978 P27504
Jan - 1979 P33557
Jul - 1979 P40287
Jan - 1980 P48773
Jul - 1980 P58906
Jan - 1981 P68034
Jul - 1981 P80423
Jan - 1982 P89466
May - 1982 S101843 Pony III
Jul - 1982 S105606
Jan - 1983 S117319
Jul - 1983 S129028

The parts you need are for a Briggs & Stratton 5HP 206cc engine. You must find the engine ID numbers. They should be stamped in the sheet metal. If you can find them, do an internet search for parts for that engine.

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Can't find serial number or model only number stamped on need of if anyone would know the model or how to order parts without View attachment 82257
View attachment 82256 a carb View attachment 82258
View attachment 82253
View attachment 82255
View attachment 82254
View attachment 82252
You could search for carb For troybilt pony and see what comes up that looks the same , or buy a predator motor for $150 bucks or less and be done with it and it will add some hp and you will lose reverse .

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Briggs stamps the model type and serial number on the blower housing Usually on the top next to the spark plug or on the sides on the flat. You may have to look closely and if you see something then ma have to scrape or sand the rust or dirt away to reveal the number. They should appear something like 206432-0014-034456. Once you know these numbers Using the model and type you can search the parts list for the right parts.

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You have a Briggs & Stratton model 130202 or very similar. The model, type, and code #’s are stamped on the blower housing across the top or along the sides of the upper blower housing. Once you have the #’s you can look up the carb part # and order one. The first two digits of the code # is the year of manufacture. My guess is 80’s to early 90.
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