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Transmission has no tag, or markings that I can find. If you mounted the transmission in it's proper places on a mower/tractor, the shifter would stick up between your legs as you sat on the mower/tractor - the shifter has three positions which I assume are forward, neutral, and reverse. Shifter moves forward to bck, not left to right. When the transmission is mounted, the brake assembly is on the right hand side of the transmission. Although that doesn't mean much because many mowers have brake pedal on left and transmission brake assy is on the right.

I told my neighbor I would help him ID this transmission. His father bought it new years ago but never installed it. Father passed away a few years ago. It was found recently in his storage shed under a bunch of junk, there was no box. Based on conversations with my neighbor, the transmission is at least 15 years old, it could be older.

Pics below to help with ID.


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