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Hello Folks I'm Dick L

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Im old enough to have my Medicare card, young enough to work the rear off most youngins. I was married to my late wife for 37 years. We had two daughters and two sons. They have blessed us with 11 Grand children and two Great Grand children with a third to arive next month. I have been married to a lovely woman, which I will call Dixie here, for a year and a half. Dispite what she might tell some of you that have joined or will join, the honeymoon is not over. She just didn't want yall to call her the Bride anymore. Thats my story an I is stickin to it!
Anyway, she brings to my family one son and two Grand sons. They reside in Brownwood Texas. The rest of us reside around the Northwest corner of Ohio. Edon area. I have over 40 old tractors of which the bulk of are divided about evenly between Oliver and Allis. There seems to be a coupla Farmalls, Massy, Case, Ford,and a cletrac. I think that covers it with out goin out a lookin. Did fergit the Grand Haven. I had collected toys for many years and started collecting old chevy cars. Run out of room for the cars after three and didn't want to let them set outside.
In the cars I have a 1923, 1925, and 1926.
Pictures of most on
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