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Last summer I picked up an L225, in pretty decent shape, nothing a little paint, a few new parts & some rewiring couldn’t fix. It’s been a good little work horse for me on my 5 acres & at the deer camp. The biggest problem was the front rims, which had been cracked & Welded multiple times!! I took it fairly easy & then 1 wheel came from together, but I limped back to the barn without breaking anything else! Then the search began!! Kubota doesn’t make those front rims anymore which complicated things even more! I did find a place ( can’t remember where now…$365 ea plus shipping) Anyway talking to a big row crop farmer I know really well & he suggested some 4 lug Implement wheels, so I ordered 2 ($108 ea w/shipping) they’re 4.5” x15”, where the original were 4”x15”, but the bolt spacing was just a hair off. I took them & a spare hub I had to a local machine/welding shop & they cut out the center & replaced it with one that’ll fit the hub & did some re-enforcement for $205 total, I pick them up Wednesday & will get the tires swapped Thursday & I’ll be good to go again. It’s so wet now (and more forecast rain) this week but that’ll give me time to get the winch & mount I’ve built on & wired & I can get back to getting stuff done with my little toy!
Surprised me I’d come out saving as much as I did, a little over $400 instead of $800 for both rims!! I’ll post some pics as soon as I get them.

*Admins, if I’m in the wrong forum feel free to put it where you’d prefer it to be
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