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I picked up a new GT5000 in July to replace a 15 month old GT3000. I've put 30 hours on it since then.

The notable differences between the two are:

Larger fuel tank on (5000). 5 GAL compared to 3 GAL. a big plus.

Fan vents on side of hood (5000) instead of on top (3000). A plus in snow country.

Drilled and tapped holes for bumper hanger and snowblower attaching (5000) as opposed to through holes on (3000) a likeable feature.

California carb on (5000). Adjustable carb on (3000). Prefer the adjustable carb, can't seem to get 5000 to idle smoothly. A definate irritant.

Noticably more power. 25 HP (5000) 23 HP (3000)...They went to a larger displacement, 725 CC on the (5000) as compared to 680 CC (as I recall) on the (3000). I like that.

Red vs. Green.. No preference.

All in all the pluses have it for the (5000)..If I could resolve the carb issue, I'd really be ecstatic.
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