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Gone Midlife Crazy

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Happy to see another tractor site up and running. I have several machines of all kinds.Some I work and some are for play.I work in a prison 40 hours a week and and do site work,as a second job, with a John Deere 4600 4x4 compact,it has a loader with 4 way bucket and a backhoe. Also have every three point implement a guy could want.
My favorite tractor is my 1960 Cub. It has a C-3 mower deck, a set of cultivators,a plow, and a twin draulics trip bucket loader.Buying your first Cub is maybe a bad thing because one is not enough,always looking for the next one. I also own a Super C, an A and a 500 crawler in IH.
My Ford collection consists of one very hard working 5000 Deisel with a 727 farm loader. Great tractor,lots of power and stays together well.
Married 34 years,with 2 sons a granddaughter and a grandson.My grandson has the bug and wants a Cub of his own.Grew up working on truck farms and dairy farms. Now own 2 small farms of my own,both run down when I got them. Both slowly coming back to life.
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