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Our one dachshund always had extrememly short hair. It has never been much more than about 3/64's of an inch or there abouts....but it would be exagerating if I said it was 1/8" long.......He is a pretty rare color called Isabela Creame. What has always made him reallly unique is his extremely short hair and color........Well he had been starting to loose his hair on his back.......hmmmmmmm maybe some irritant like bugs, or food perhaps. Vet said he wsa fine, and bug free, so we had changed diets numerous times, with the last diet being on Nutro brand. While we did see some improvement in his coat in some areas he is now loosing more and more hair all down the length of his back, top of his heads and back of his neck and part of his tail. He don;t look like a dog with mange, just a super short coated dog........I just happened to glance through a book in Petsmart the other day whle waiting for wife to do the Christmas shopping for all the fur babies, and I stumbled on an article about C.D.A. Color Dilution Apoceia..........a fancy name for early baldness. Come to find out that dogs of certain breeds that are creams or blues (grey to you northerners) suffer or are susceptible to this problem. It is not anything but the cells that make the color of the hair do not allow the hair to be substantial and it leads to early baldness...all due to the hair color.........

Its not uncommon but I am surprised the vet did not or was not aware of it......and he sees this dog 2 times a year minimum for routine checkups and shots etc.......

His baldness sure does not bother him though except when its cool outside, you always have to shove him outside.....but lately the wife has been putting a sweater on the guy, and then he does not mind being outside. Pretty strange a dog having hair retention problems...........His skin is a very dark color so its not really all apparaent unti you pet and rub on him and then it feells totally different....Its like rubbing yur hand on seude leather, even where his hair is still fully intact, but he always felt like a piece of suede leather. No cure, and usually the back or head areas like he has bald or thin is as far as this baldness goes.........

The hairless chiahaua sp? (that mexican breed of dog) is specifically bred utilizing the gene that causes hairlessness, so that dog is a dog by design not nayturally occuring......but then what dog for the most part is not bred by design or need..........

Personally "The Dude" could care less as he is still a ladies man........and does his part! His real name is scooter, but "The Dude" tag was hung on him due to his attitude and personality.
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