White FORKLIFT working condition. 6000 lb rated capacity at 13.5 feet height.

This is a functional forklift, gasoline engine, new battery and new fuel pump. Forklift stored indoors which I have owned for about 20 years. This is an older machine, do not know hours or date of manufacture. Photo of plate shown.
Made in Minnesota.
Comes with fork extensions which are quite handy when unloading off of a semi-flatbed.
Comfortable seat, horn works. Tires hold air fine.
2 speed range. Pull choke to start until engine and hydraulics warm up on left side of seat.
Weighs 10,000 pounds according to plate so a simple car carrier trailer might not be strong enough. It would probably need low ramps to load it.
If paying by check/money order the funds must clear bank before handing over forklift. Serial No: 20200698