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fordson super major TLB info

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Hello i'm new to the forum and have a question about a tractor that says fordson super major on the hood. been searching for info on it? anything would be a great help for me and my dad.
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Hello monkeyman, welcome to the forum.

Parts diagrams for a Fordson Super Major tractor:

Parts manual fordson super major with Sherman F9 & 54E backhoe:

That is a nice tractor!

Plenty of information on this site:

I attached a picture, showing serial number location (flat spot under #1 fuel injector).
Unfortunately, Super Major (normally) did not have a serial number on the tractor, the engine's serial number was the tractor's serial number. If the engine has been replaced, you do not know the date for the tractor. But there are visual signs that can roughly lead you to a date, some parts were changed during the years. There are also date codes to be found on the tractor.

If your serial number fits the time span when Super Major was produced, it is most likely the original engine and you have your tractor dated.

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Thanks everyone this is great!
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